Summer Card Candy

June 8, 2017

I’m back again, sharing about all the fun over at StampNation.  Have you come by to see what’s going on?  If you enjoy cardmaking (and I’m guessing you do, or you wouldn’t be reading my blog!) you’ll love StampNation.  So many crafters hang out there, sharing their creations, chatting, participating in challenges and classes, and enjoying the community.  It’s great!

And recently, we did another card candy swap.  Card candy is a decoration for a card, so instead of making the whole card, you make just the focal point.  It might have a sentiment, but it doesn’t have to.  Pinterest is full of ideas, if you want to see more.   For StampNation, I created 5 pieces of candy, all identical, and sent them to the StampNation clubhouse in Raleigh, NC.  Then they sent back different pieces, and I got to make cards from the pieces I received.  It’s so easy, too!  Just create a background, or use one you already have, and attach your candy.  Instant card.

So I’m going to show you what I’ve made, and give a quick rundown about how I made each card.  Let’s go!

Erika created this piece, and it got a little dented in route.  No problem, just add a few sequins, and some Glossy Accents over the lenses.  I attached it with foam tape to a background I made earlier this week, and I’m finished!  This is why I love card candy.

This piece is from Carol Ann, and I added a second sentiment to fill in the space at the bottom.  Now it’s ready to give to someone going on vacation.

This popsicle is from Lisa Harrolle, and it feels like a day at the pool.  I added 2 mats onto a pool colored card base, and a few gems for accents.

Shawna made this camping piece, along with the black and white stamped strip.  It brings back so many memories of my childhood, camping with my family.  I added a green background, and stamped “happy birthday to” over the strip.  Then I die cut the word “you” from white paper, and colored it with Carved Pumpkin Distress Ink.  This will be for my dad’s birthday.

Robin made this piece, and the sand on the card is from Lake Michigan!  How cool is that?  I added a strip of paper with more sand, and a few gems for more color.  I trimmed an inch off the front panel, and added die cut letters down the side for a sentiment.

The Eiffel Tower came from Ingrid, and it deserved a couple extra layers, so I stamped and tie cut an aqua tag, along with some kraft cardstock.  Most of my cards have about 2 layers, so this card took me a little out of my comfort zone.  I’m glad this piece made me try something new!

This is the last piece, and I don’t know who created it.  But it has so many layers, and so much going on, I kept the background very simple.  I love that the background looks like denim.

Thanks for letting me share my creations with you.  You may have noticed I got more pieces back than I sent, and that’s because the sweet gals who head up StampNation made a few extra.  Aren’t they sweet?  Hope I see you back again soon!