Crafting Travel List – Top 10

July 11, 2017

Do you like to craft while you travel?  I love to create no matter where I’m at, but it’s hard to know what to bring.  And your needs can change depending on your means of transportation, and who’s going with you.  I don’t always take everything in the list, especially if I know I’ll be busy, but here’s my top 10 choices for traveling:

  1. Plastic Sleeve – I love the protective sleeves that are used in 3-ring binders to hold paper.  I have one I use all the time with a piece of graph paper inside, and I use it at my craft space all the time to line up sentiments or center dies.  The plastic keeps my surface clean, which is great for messy projects like ink blending or watercolor.  It’s small enough you can take it anywhere.  And you can store extra paper and supplies inside the sleeve.
  2. Paper – I usually take watercolor cardstock, which is stiffer than standard cardstock.  It holds up great for traveling.  I cut the pages down to A2 card size (4 1/4 x 5 1/2).  Bristol Strathmore paper is what I use if I’m taking my Zigs, because it helps them blend the best.  Again, I cut it down to size.  Sometimes I take card bases, other times I just wait to finish the cards when I get home.  I love to stamp pages of images onto my paper before I leave, and color them on the road.
  3.  Zig Markers – These markers blend so easily, with or without water.  I love the vibrant colors!  I don’t need to take the whole pack, I just grab a handful of my favorites, a light and a dark of each color for blending.
  4. Watercolors – These also travel well, if you have a small palette.  They’re easy to use, more forgiving than other kinds of paint, and they dry quickly.
  5. Waterbrush – This makes painting easy, even on long plane rides!  Fill the barrel of the brush with water, and you’re ready to paint without a mess.  I use this with my Zigs, as well.
  6. Distress Mini Ink Cubes – These take up almost no space, and the new lids fit tightly, so they don’t pop open and dry out during transit.  Tim Holtz makes a tin, sold separately, to hold 12 cubes.  And I store my ink blending foams in the bottom of each cube, so if I grab an Ink Blending Tool, I can do all kinds of coloring techniques.
  7. Adult Coloring Books – When room is tight, these books are a blessing.  I can color away, cut them up when I get time, and turn them into cards.  Easy peasy.
  8. Colored Pencils – Many of the coloring books have thin pages, so watercolor and even markers can sometimes soak through the paper.  Colored pencils solve this problem for me.  I’m not an expert by any means, but it’s fun to practice.
  9. Tape Runner – This is a great adhesive for travel, because there’s no mess.
  10. Foam Tape – Almost every card I make has some dimension, so this is a must for me!  It travels well, it’s mess free, and it takes your cards to the next level.

Bonus:  Stickers and Adhesive Gems – I love embellishments, but I don’t want to mess with liquid glue when I travel.  This is my compromise:  All of the bling, and no drying time!

Storage:  I have a shoulder bag for my laptop, and I keep my supplies in there, too.  I always keep it close, so I don’t lose it, and because it doesn’t have wheels, it forces me to keep the weight to a minimum.

And that’s my top 10 items for travel.  I had the hardest time narrowing it down to 10 items, I want to bring everything!  You’ll notice I left scissors and liquid adhesive off the list completely, because they’re not allowed on airplanes.  Sequins and glitter tend to end up everywhere, so I save them for when I get home.  And as much I love my stamps, I’d hate to lose any, so I generally leave them behind.  Besides, I have to save room for when I go shopping.  I may come back with more supplies than I had when I left!

What do you bring when you travel?  Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you next time!